Tired of ordinary, unimaginative and dull food?

Come to Japan, enjoy some fancy snacks and desserts, it´s for sure a feast for your eyes and stomach!

After the main course…

…the Japanese bill

And why not having a Panda cookie for dessert? Found at Andersen, Ueno Station.


Okay, Pandas are an endangered species, and my decision to head over to the Ueno café on the other side of the road wasn´t really better. Got this melon bread turtle…(almost) too cute to eat!


Talking about cookies…there´s a great small café at the exit of Mejiro Station, which not only offers “Animal Mocca” and courses of how to do those on your own…


…but also (literally) sweet bear cookies and cupcakes!


Including the bananabear and snowbear version to go.


Getting thirsty? I can strongly recommend the melon gargle at Deny´s. It may look slightly toxic, but I can assure you it tastes great, not too sweet but still refreshing.


Me and my nightly decisions…bought this cute fella at 7Eleven…and felt really conscience-stricken afterwards.


Summertime in Japan is not only hot but also extremely humid. If you already have to walk around in a giant sauna, then at least cool down with some yummy icecream. On the second floor of Ueno Station, there´s a great café that also offers delicious icecream compositions, below a picture of the Japanese soft icecream with peach syrup (left) and to the right the (my brain and conscience urge me to stress that green tea is upmost healthy) green tea version.

If you don´t want to wait, there are also some icecream vending machines available at Ueno Station.


Iconic and well known beyond the city limits: Harajuku Crepes, available with dozens of tasty (e.g. cream, icecream, custard) and not so tasty…but uhm…healthy (e.g. lettuce) fillings.


Still thirsty but out of melon gargle? No problem, grab a blue penguin Hawaii Cola instead.


Or the UCC coffee which the vending machine drops out hot already (great as pocket warmer in wintertime by the way) in a NGC Asuka version


My Italian friend was terrified…here´s a Spaghetti-Cheeseburger. But to be fair, it didn´t taste that bad at all 😉


At Obasan no Harajuku, you can yourself even buy some handmade piece of art, such as Hello Kitty candy


During Christmas season, bakeries will offer a large variety of sweet sweets 🙂


Air Kumamon? Never heard of it? Seriously? Nah, not much of a surprise, as this turned out to be the (regular adult) meal on a JAL flight to Europe. In cooperation with Kumamon, the mascot of the Kumamoto prefecture.


Those Maid Cafés are really creative when it comes to meal design



Guess those are only available in Japan: Dragonball Cola, Cola Zero and lemonade. There are wild, unconfirmed rumours out there that you´ll be allowed to cast a wish in your delirium after having had seven of those…


And finally, some good news at last…Tokyo is really hectic, fast paced and stressful, wether you live there or are just visiting. You´ll just have to walk lots, climbing stairs up and down, it´s not only tiring but will definitely burn a lot of calories. It´s actually such a great workout that having sweets shouldn´t really matter. Especially as those won´t be as calory-driven and sweet as its Western counterparts. In this regard: enjoy your desserts!