With a height of 634 meters / 2080 ft, the Tokyo Sky Tree is double as tall as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Opened in 2012, it has become an iconic landmark of the megalopolis Tokyo.


I can still remember the opening day…crowds of people kept queueing all day long and tickets were sold out for months in advance. After 5 years now, you may still have to be very patient when trying to get to one of its observation decks.


There are two observation decks on the Tokyo Sky Tree:

  1. platform at 350 meters / 1150ft ( Tembo Deck)
  2. platform at 450 meters / 1476ft (Tembo Galleria)

Opening hours

08:00 am 10:00 pm,  last admission at 9:00pm

How to get there

Best is to get off at “Oshiage” station (Asakusa / Hanzomon Line) or via Asakusa taking the Tobu Skytree Line directly to the station (Tokyo Sky Tree station) located underneath of the tower.

If you´d like to, you can optionally walk to the Sky Tree from Asakusa after visiting the Senso-ji temple. By foot it takes around 15 minutes.

Admission fees

You can choose between the Fast Skytree Ticket, a regular Day Ticket and a Prereserved Ticket.

The regular day ticket is 2060 Yen for the 1st platform, the 2nd platform will be an additional 1030 Yen

The Fast Skytree Ticket will shorten the waiting / queueing time, but is slightly more expensive: 3000 Yen (1st platform) and 4000 Yen (combined ticket for the 1st and 2nd platform).

You can reserve your ticket via internet, depending on the daytime you´d like to go up to the platforms, it will cost you up to 3600 Yen for the first platform and another 2600 Yen additionally for having access to the second platform. The internet reservation homepage is only available in Japanese language: http://ticket.tokyo-skytree.jp/


I am often being asked if I can recommend the visit and if it´s worth the money. That´s actually a very good question, as a ticket can be up to 50$ or more.

I´ve been to all major observation decks in Tokyo so far, including the Sky Tree. From my point of view, it´s not really worth it. You may also take weather conditions into consideration, sometimes the view from 350 or 450 meters is either very bad or you can´t see much at all. Additionally, the tower is always moving a bit, which makes it very difficult to take pictures after dusk from the 2nd platform.

I´d rather suggest you to visit one of the other observation decks, such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. At “only” 202 meters you´ll still have a great view – for free! Or choose the Tokyo Tower where a ticket costs 900 Yen for the platform on 150 meters, it also offers a very nice (and better) experience. Thus, the Sky Tree is by far not amongst my favourite places to go to when it comes to observation decks.


The design is surely a matter of taste, but in any case the Tokyo Tower is definitely a most impressive building, especially at night with its animated, alternating light design.

If you´d like to enjoy the view of this city from above, there may be better and also more inexpensive alternatives available (e.g. at Roppongi).