When it comes to Roppongi, the first thing that comes to my mind is the 333m (1092ft) tall Tokyo Tower. And no, that´s not the Eiffel Tower, it may just look similar to its French counterpart, especially if you´ve only seen it in Mangas before. Unlike the French original, the Tokyo Tower is of in red & white color.

To many, Roppongi is more of an international party- and nightlife district with countless bars, sports bars, clubs and so on. I admit I´m not really fond of going to Roppongi at night, it isn´t really my cup of tea, thus for now I will instead focus on the sightseeing spots and observation decks.

For those of you interested in Roppongi nightlife and clubs, here are some links to popular and trendy clubs:

Espit Tokyo (official website link)

Jumanji 55 (official website link)

GasPanic (official website link)

V2 Tokyo (official website link)

In case you would like to know more about those clubs, send me a message and I´ll expand this section and do some in-depth review later on.



After arriving at Roppongi, despite of its height, it may be difficult to instantly spot the Tokyo Tower, as there are many tall buildings and hotels around.

During daytime its construction looks rather unspectacular, but at night the famous landmark will be illuminated by 176 lightbulbs. The nightly light design also depends on the respective season.

With a total height of 333 metres (including antenna) and a total weight of 4000 tons, it´s a very impressive sightseeing spot.

There are two observation decks: at 150 metres (492 ft) and at 250 metres (820ft).

In 2007, the Tokyo Tower got a new white-red color overhaul.


Until summer of 2017 (a date has not been released yet), its second platform will stay closed due to renovation works.

Opening hours: 09:00 am -11:00 pm (last admission: 10:30pm)

Admission Fee: 900 Yen (first platform)

You can buy the ticket(s) directly at the outside ticket booth:


After arriving on the first platform, you can decide wether you would like to go up to the second platform or not. You can buy a ticket for the second platform right there.

However, at 150 metres you´ll already have a great view over central Tokyo and the harbour area. If you want to go up to the second platform, be prepared for some queuing time depending on the daytime. It may happen that you´ll have to wait half an hour or longer.


Getting to the Tokyo Tower:

Onarimon (Mita Line, take exit #A1, from there it´s a 6 minute walk),

Daimon (Asakusa Line, take exit #A6, a 10 minute walk)

Hamamatsucho (JR Yamanote Line, Northern Exit, a 15 minute walk)

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays there are free live performances in the “Club 333” which is located on the first platform.

And here´s the view from 150 metres:



There´s even a small shrine…


…and a glass bottom part, from which you can look down to the road underneath of you.


The second platform on 250 metres offers you an even better view:


There´s also a bigger souvenir shop located on the ground floor, you don´t have to buy a ticket in order to access it. No matter if T-Shirt, cookies or postcards, here you´ll find a lot of souvenirs.

In wintertime, there´s a beautiful X-Mas tree in front of the Tokyo Tower, throughout the year there are also several small festivals being held in front of it.