Welcome to one of the most popular and well-known spots in Osaka city. If you stay in or near Osaka over night, you should consider paying this honeypot a visit.

No matter if you´d like to go shopping, have dinner at one of the many restaurants or spend some relaxing time in a bar: for decades, the area around Glico´s famous neon advertisement is attracting national and international tourists as well as locals, as it also serves as excellent meeting point and photo motif. Indeed, the marathon runner in service for the globally operating Japanese sweets company Glico is greeting its audience since 1935 already, in between with a modern, animated LED upgrade 😉


There´s almost nothing you can´t buy. Slow food, fast food, drugstores, electronic shops, game center, a 100 Yen shop, convenience stores, a Ferris wheel (on top of the Don Quichote department store), a Bowling Center, Karaoke bars and much much more. But you will also find a number of hotels and a temple lining up along the streets around the Dotonbori channel.


How to get there

Best is to get off at “Namba” station (M20 on the Midosuji Line), then take exit #7.

From there, it´s just a couple of meters (or feet).