DenDen Town is a shopping district at Namba, Osaka and can be compared to Akihabara in Tokyo.

Here you´ll find hundreds of shops, selling mainly Anime related goods, CDs, records, software, games, model kits, electronics (used Laptops, etc) and much more. Of course you will also find several restaurants in this area.

I like Namba, mainly because it´s not as crowded as Shinjuku or Akiba, but also because items appear to be slightly cheaper than in Tokyo, I´d say around 15-20%, but this also depends on what you´d like to buy. I always go there to buy games or CDs/LPs, as you´ll also find some shops that carry old records.

By foot, it´s just a few minutes walk to Shinsaibashi, another long shopping street with cafés (should give the Mixed Juice at B Café a try, tastes delicious), restaurants, fashion and trend shops. A bit like the Harajuku of Osaka.

Another one of my recommendations is Rikuro´s Cheesecake. The most fluffy and palatable cheesecake I´ve ever eaten. In between, they even sell it at Shin-Umeda station, at Umeda and directly at their shop close to Namba station exit. You´ll get it freshly baked, right out of the oven, after one of the staff brands its top with the Rikuro´s baker logo.



How to get to DenDenTown:

Leave Namba Station.

1. Go towards Muji / Tower Records and pass bydscf3137.JPG

2. and turn left at the next crossroads, you´ll be in this street now:


3. Go straight til you see Yoshinoya…and turn right.


Welcome to DenDenTown