For those of you visiting Tokyo, Kamakura is one of my nearby top-notch recommendations to visit. The city has its own, unique charm that will surely also captivate you.

Kamakura is located around a 35 to 55 minute train ride to the South of Tokyo, depending on which train connection you´ll take. It´s really easy to get to (via Yokosuka train line), and if you´d like you, you can make a stopover at Yokohama on your way back, which is another interesting city with many sightseeing places, including Chinatown and its famous harbour area.


The sandy beach of Kamakura is always a welcome place to relax, swim or surf. Even at the beginning of October, water temperatures will be still very comfortable. In early springtime (March and April), the beach may look almost deserted, whereas from May on it will be populated by surfers, beachvolleyball-players and sun worshipers.

In connection with its other sightseeing spots, the beach is also a welcome break to recover from the noisy megalopolis Tokyo.

When arriving at Kamakura station, you´ll notice a lot of busses waiting in front of it to bring tourists to the different parts of the city. Personally I´ve always loved to discover the city by foot. It´s only a 10 minute walk to the beach, and you´ll pass cafés, restaurants and the fire station on your way to there.



There are also several festivals and events being held directly at the beach.