Welcome to the video section. Here are some videos I made on location in Japan. You´ll find a lot of additional information about all those places in the respective linked entry.

Shibuya, Tokyo

One of the most famous crossroads in the world. And for all the movie lovers out there: no, it´s not extractable, checked that already. Twice 😉

Akihabara, Tokyo

Akihabara, or “Akiba” as it´s sometimes being called, over the years slowly turned out to be Tokyo´s epicentre of anime subculture. The commonly used and signposted term “Electric Town” is a relic of the time where Akihabara used to be the place to go if you needed any up-to-date electric products, no matter if VHS recorders or computers. Of course you can still shop for laptops or cameras over here.

Roppongi, Tokyo

I´ve made this video on the World Trade Center observation platform. The Roppongi Sky Deck and the Tokyo Tower will also offer a breathtaking view of this district.

Sakae, Nagoya

The TV Tower in the city centre is one of Nagoya´s most popular landmarks.

Kamakura Beach

The beach of Kamakura, located conveniently only around 1 hour by train from Tokyo, is definitely worth a visit at any season. In springtime (March/April), the beach may look almost deserted, whereas in the summertime countless surfers, beachvolleyball players and sun worshipers populate this place until October. There are also several festivals and events being held directly at the beach. Besides, Kamakura has a lot more to offer: with its temples and shrines, the giant Daibutsu (buddha) statue and even an almost magical bamboo forest it is one of the recommended sightseeing spots nearby Tokyo.

Tokyo MetroWelcome the to Ginza Line

Tokyo Station

Together with Ueno, Tokyo station is one of Tokyo´s major Shinkansen train hubs. From here, you have access to Western Japan and Kyushu.