Tokyo Disneyland is located at the harbour area (Chiba), and you basically get two theme parks in one location, as Tokyo Disney Sea can be found directly next to it. Disney Sea, as its name already suggests, has a nautic theme, circling around Disney movies such as “Arielle” or “20.000 Leagues Under the Sea.” It even features a lake with a (smaller) replica of the “Queen Mary.”

Too often you hear things about a certain place that turn out to be just rumours and half-truths, so it´s better to have a look yourself in order to find out wether it´s true or not. I´ve heard a lot of stories about this one. And after having a look at it myself, I´ll strongly advise you not to visit those theme parks on a weekend. Avoid bank holidays as well.

I´ve made the mistake to go there on a Saturday and Sunday, and despite of being a most patient person, waiting in line for up to 3 hours was not only exhausting but also limited the amount of rides to take on this Saturday to three in total. The parks were so crowded, I´ve never seen so many people in an amusement park ever before. And for 5800 Yen, it´s quite a costy experience. Well, it may teach you a lesson of how to be patient and how to queue in line for hours, but I doubt any of you is eager to reach this level of spiritual enlightenment.

Yes, there is Fast Pass, but this is quickly at its limits with so many people. Especially as not all rides were offering fast pass tickets, some had to be closed down even. Quite disappointing.

I have to admit that the rides were great, I managed to get on 5 within 2 days, no matter if the Indiana Jones Adventure or the Roger Rabbit Taxi drive, it´s a lot of fun. In contrast to the Euro Disney Paris, the Tokyo Disneyland Fireworks are also quite short, just a couple of minutes, not really worth waiting for neither.

Near to the park grounds there´s a huge shopping arcade, including a Planet Hollywood, a cinema, a Disney store and other shops and restaurants to go to. Looks so nice especially around Christmas time with beautiful Christmas trees.


To sum it up : the park is great, but completely overrun on weekends and holidays. If you can, go there sometime between Monday to Thursday – or visit the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka instead. Those are, in any regard, much better and much more fun – with less people and less queuing time ; )