For all of you who consider Harajuku to be too overcrowded, noisy and yelpy, “Obasan no Harajuku” might be worth a visit. A bit off the beaten tracks, the “elderly people´s Harajuko” is located in Tokyo´s comparably quiet Sugamo district, and offers a wide variety of Japanese goods, souvenirs, food and sweets.


A lot of (very kind) elderly people visit here every day. There´s also a temple and, if you´re lucky, there will be a festival held, so you can indulge youself in a most delicious variety of snacks, fingerfood, icecream and other sweets offered to the left and right of the street. They even got their own mascot : Sugamon duck


Ah, I guess you´d like to know more about those sweets, right? So let´s have a look…for example, here´s a picture of the handmade Hello Kitty sweets…almost art and literally too sweet to eat.


This one is similar, with the face of the temple god on it. Tastes…well, sweet, too !


A nostalgic, Japanese classic : Sakuma´s Drops in a tin can


How to get there:

If you get off at the Sugamo JR Station, just cross the street, keep to the right and after a few minutes, you´ll keep walking right into Obasan no Harajuku (–> Sugamo Jizo Dori)

If you get off at the Sugamo Mita Line Station, it´s even faster, as you´ll be right in front it already. There´s also a 100 Yen Shop and a McDonalds close to the arcade entrance, so you can also keep looking for those in order to find your way.